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At Adorisa Group, part of Alsara Investment Group, our mission is to design, produce, market, and distribute fine jewellery under brands’ licenses. We like to think of ourselves as connectors and facilitators, collaborating with brands to develop a new way of expressing their aesthetics into jewellery collections.

In a very competitive market, our vision moves the lines and shakes the standards with a more flexible, human-centric and sustainable approach, embodied in everything we do.

Our strength lies in our authentic understanding of the brands, our deep mastery of the jewellery ecosystem and our sense of timeless creativity at the service of the houses we are working with. We bring a wealth of credibility and recognition through our experience, as well as a unique knowledge of the craftsmanship, artistry and intricacy involved. As such, we aim constantly to elevate the brands we work with in an invaluable manner.

With an existing portfolio of strong luxury fashion houses, Adorisa Group is uniquely positioned to keep servicing a growing number of brands worldwide.


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