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Our People are Adorisa Group's greatest and most valuable asset. We believe that inclusion and diversity are creating value in every aspect of life. Our aim is to help each and every individual to become the best version of themselves and develop a successful career. We empower our team members to speak their minds and to have a say in the big picture. We might not have the answer to everything but we are sure of one thing: being different together and being passionate about what we do is the best path forward.



Sustainability is one of our core values. We have at heart, to set an example for our peers and future clients. This is why we promote a conscious use of resources and we are working on limiting the environmental impact of our activities.


We only use ethical gold from certified supply chains in accordance with the criteria of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), the non-profit organization that sets the standards for responsible purchasing of gold and conflict-free minerals. Our gemstones are traceable and comply with all the relevant certifications such as the Kimberley Process for diamonds. As far as the production goes, our workshops, selected on the quality of their craftsmanship, are mainly based in France, and are certified RJC Chain of Custody (CoC), guaranteeing a total transparency in the creation process.



For our company, sustainability is about taking a responsible, forward-looking approach to every action and decision we make. We are convinced that as a start-up in a traditional market we have a role to play in embarking our brands and stakeholders in building a more sustainable business right from the beginning. We have at heart, to set an example for our peers and future clients.



We are fully committed to building a sustainable business that values inclusion and diversity as well as mitigates the impact we have on the planet.


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